Preparing for the storm

by Karen on September 4, 2008

Looks like Hurricane Hanna is headed right in our direction. Yikes. Unless it drastically changes course (which could happen) it will probably get here tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

At this point it’s a pretty small storm. They’re not really sure if it will be a category 1 hurricane or a tropical storm. Either way, we’re not talking about massive destruction here. Whew.

But it could mean we’ll be stuck indoors for a day or two due to heavy rain and wind. It could also mean a power outage. We don’t really know what to expect, because we’ve never experienced a hurricane. That’s all the more reason to overprepare, though.

We’re headed out tonight for some provisions. Here’s what we’re picking up:

  • Batteries for the flashlight and radio
  • Ice to pack into the freezer so our meat won’t spoil if we lose power.
  • Foods that don’t require refrigeration or cooking (granola bars, applesauce, cereal, crackers, etc.)
  • A few gallon jugs of water

We may not even need this stuff if the storm is as mild as they’re expected it to be. We feel better being prepared, though, and we should really have a stockpile of water and batteries anyway.

Besides, we might need these provisions and more next week if Hurricane Ike (currently a Category 4) follows its projected path to the Carolina coasts. We’ll be more likely to evacuate than stick it out if that storm comes our way, but the snack foods might come in handy on the road. It’s too early to know for sure where Ike is headed, but my point is that we should be prepared for this storm and future storms now that hurricane season is upon us.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t planned for a mid-week grocery trip to stock up on convenience foods when we set our budget. This could throw things off for us in that department. It’s a bummer, but this is just a reminder of why it’s important to build an extra cushion into your budget. Luckily, I planned for a $400 grocery budget even though I wanted to shoot for $300-$350. So hopefully it won’t throw us off.

I’m hoping it’ll be some rain and wind and that we won’t lose power at all this weekend. I guess we’ll see! I’m just happy we’re going to be prepared.

To all of you who have experienced hurricanes: What else should we do to prepare?!


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