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July 2010

How do you handle unsatisfactory service?

by Karen on July 30, 2010

Due to remarkably bad timing, Howie was due for his vaccinations and heartworm test this month, just two weeks after we moved. So we had to start hunting around for a new vet last week. As if we didn’t have enough going on right now. After reading some online reviews, it didn’t seem that there […]

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When I started researching big baby items like cribs and car seats, several moms recommended that I invest in Baby Bargains (affiliate link) by Denise and Alan Fields. They’re the parents of two children who want to help new moms sort through the marketing jargon and mommy guilt to find the best, safest baby gear […]

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Life-changing chocolate banana smoothie

by Karen on July 27, 2010

One of my favorite indulgences is the Starbucks Banana Chocolate Vivanno. Sadly, I no longer live near a Starbucks (probably a good thing since my frequent cravings would lead me to drink lethal amounts of decaf and cost us a fortune). The good news is I stumbled across this recipe in Real Simple magazine a […]

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Baby “stuff” sure does add up

by Karen on July 26, 2010

This weekend, Tony and I started the arduous process of baby shopping. Our families are kindly planning a couple of baby showers, which means we should have a little help when it comes to acquiring what we’ll need, but I was still hoping to keep things to a minimum. We are living in an apartment, […]

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Assembling a home from scratch

by Karen on July 21, 2010

Last weekend, Tony and I finally moved into an apartment in the city where he’ll be teaching this fall (and hopefully spring). We were very lucky to have lots of help from both of our families. We’ve only been married for a little over two years now, but in that time we’ve built a frugal […]

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Settling in

by Karen on July 20, 2010

We moved into our new apartment on Saturday, and let me tell you, pregnancy made moving a lot harder than it’s ever been. We hired movers to help us unload the truck, and our families came to help us unpack and arrange furniture, so I wasn’t doing any heavy lifting, of course. Just the small […]

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It’s a …

by Karen on July 16, 2010

BOY! :) Most importantly, our ultrasound showed that everything is developing normally, and he’s nice and healthy. In other news, we are still waiting for confirmation that we’ll be able to move into our new place on Saturday. With any luck, we’ll be moving this weekend, which means I’ll be offline for at least a […]

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Take a guess

by Karen on July 15, 2010

We’re on our way now for our ultrasound, and hopefully we’ll find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I figured I’d give you all a chance to take a guess just for fun! Here are some stats: I’ve been nauseated pretty much non-stop since about 6 weeks, but that probably doesn’t mean […]

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More expensive isn’t necessarily better

by Karen on July 14, 2010

I’ll be 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That’s halfway to full term. I’ll also be finding out the sex of the baby if he or she cooperates (fingers crossed). We could be moving to our new place as soon as this Saturday. Which means I’m out of excuses. It’s time to start shopping for baby stuff. […]

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