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June 2011

What’s the biggest electricity drain in the United States? Refrigerators that run non-stop? HD televisions? Nope. According to a story in the New York Times on Sunday, it’s your cable box. These set-top boxes are energy hogs mostly because their drives, tuners and other components are generally running full tilt, or nearly so, 24 hours […]

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Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, I don’t add any steady monetary income to our household (aside from occasional freelance work and sporadic income from this here blog). However, my decision to stay home has afforded me more time for household chores than I would have if I worked. To offset our lower income, I try […]

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Everyone likes to be invited to a party. I love parties! I don’t even mind if the hostess asks me to bring a dish. If I’m being welcomed to her home to enjoy the festivities, it’s the least I can do. And if it’s a shower, I love to bring baby or bridal gifts for […]

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Happy Father’s Day

by Karen on June 19, 2011

Since our son can’t talk (yet), I’ll speak for him. Thanks for making him laugh harder than anyone else can. Thanks for getting up early with him on the weekends so his mom can get some extra sleep. Thanks for being so patient with him, no matter how unreasonable can be. Thanks for providing the […]

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I need to grow a green thumb pronto

by Karen on June 16, 2011

One of the things I love most about our house is that it rests on about an acre of beautiful land. Unfortunately, we moved in a little late in the season to till and plant a garden, but you better believe I’ll have a mini farm back there next spring. Tony is looking forward to […]

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Summertime = ice cream. Obviously. So now that summer is here, and Judah still doesn’t seem to be tolerating dairy in my diet, I was understandably bummed about it. I looked at the “ice cream alternatives” in the grocery store — there are soy, rice, almond, and coconut milk varieties — but I sort of […]

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How to avoid money drain

by Karen on June 9, 2011

Recreational shopping has always been one of my biggest money drains. I can turn a quick stop at Target for a necessary item into a $40 splurge more easily than I want to admit. It’s a problem that I acknowledge, and I’ve been working to correct it. We have a lot of things on the […]

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This post was originally published on July 16, 2009. Sometimes when my to-do list is a mile long and I’m short on time and feeling overwhelmed, I feel like if I can’t finish everything right now I’m going to lose it. Don’t you hate those days? Well, when I’m having a day like that, there […]

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Homemade baby food 101

by Karen on June 3, 2011

All-natural, organic whole food is all the rage these days. If you’re introducing your baby to solid foods, you’ve probably wondered how you can avoid feeding him pricey, pre-packaged, preservative-laden baby food. Well, I’m going to tell you. Here’s what you need: Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables A food processor, food mill, or blender to […]

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