Potty training: the Final Frontier. Or something.

June 18, 2013

This is the last post I will write about my child’s toilet habits. I promise. (Well, my first child anyway.) Since I was only a few days into the potty training adventure when I wrote my step-by-step breakdown of our potty training boot camp adaptation, I wanted to share a quick update. I fully expected […]

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Potty training in 3 days without Pull-Ups

May 28, 2013
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Judah has been showing interest in the potty for a couple months now, but mostly never did anything when we took him in there. Just a couple weeks ago he finally started acknowledging when he needed a new diaper, so I set a goal to start the process this month after my extended maternity leave […]

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Who is this kid?

May 3, 2013
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Seriously, where did my tiny baby go? Am I being punked?

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Potty training without Pull-Ups?

April 29, 2013

I would love to have Judah potty trained before Baby 2 arrives in September. At almost 2 and a half, he is definitely showing interest. But every time we’ve tried, as much as he wants to get it, it seems like his brain and his bladder just aren’t on the same page. He frequently asks […]

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Here we go again …

April 15, 2013
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Judah has big news to share. Only he says, “I’m not a big brother, I’m a SMALL brother!” His small(er) sibling is due in late September, which makes me 17 weeks along. Things are going well so far aside from the continued nausea, the hip and pelvic pain that showed up around 10 weeks, and […]

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Why I’m done with New Year’s resolutions

January 8, 2013
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Every year on New Year’s Day I feel anxious for a fresh start. “This is the year,” I tell myself. And I really mean it. I really believe that opening a fresh new calendar will give me the motivation I need to make all the changes I failed to make the previous year. Unfortunately, I […]

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How to throw a toddler birthday party for cheap

December 12, 2012
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I grew up with three sisters, and I was third born, so birthday parties weren’t a yearly deal for us. We each had a party or two to celebrate big milestones, but my mom didn’t throw a huge party for each of us every year — and I don’t blame her. I probably won’t either. […]

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December 10, 2012
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This photo is how I will remember Judah at 2. He is fun and hilarious and lovable and cuddly. But 2 looks more like this most days: The Terrible Twos are cliche but so, so accurate. As Judah grows, it’s amazing how much of his personality does not change. He is stubborn. He is strong […]

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I’m still here

November 25, 2012
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My three-month break from blogging wasn’t planned. That’s why I never had the chance to post a note explaining my absence. I was always on the verge of posting an update. Tomorrow. Next week. Any day now. Soon. It started with good news. Shortly after my last post in August, I found out we were […]

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