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by Karen on August 10, 2008

ING Direct

When I started building my savings, I wanted an account with a high interest rate that would be far enough out of my reach that I wouldn’t be tempted to steal from my savings. ING Direct has worked out great for me.

The account is completely electronic, but with a 2.75% interest rate, no fees and no minimum balance, the trade-off is high. You just link your ING account to a regular checking account at a traditional bank and start making electronic transfers. If you need to transfer money from savings to checking, it takes a few days. For me, this is a bonus because it’s an added step I have to take before I spend my hard-earned savings. It gives me extra time to think the decision over.

I set up my checking account to automatically transfer money into my savings accounts on the first of every month. It’s a lot easier to transfer that money when it happens automatically.

You’re free to open as many accounts as you want, and you can monitor all of your accounts from the same account management page, so it’s easy to designate separate accounts for separate goals.

They also offer an electronic checking account with a 1.50% APY and a free debit card.
I don’t personally have a checking account with them, because I’d rather keep the money I use on a daily basis in a traditional bank, but I have to admit that 1.50% interest on a checking account with no fees and no minimum balance is amazing. You can do all the things with an ING Electric Orange checking account the you can with a traditional checking account, including online bill pay and e-checks.

When you open an account with one of the links below and start out with a minimum $250 deposit, you’ll get a $25 bonus! I’ll also get a $10 bonus for referring you. :)

These links are one-time use only, so e-mail me if they don’t work and I’d be happy to send you another link! Visit the site to learn more or  email me for a referral link.

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1 Danny November 8, 2008 at 12:43 pm

If you need any more ING referral links, e-mail me. Thanks!


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