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Buyer beware if it’s too good to be true

by Karen on February 4, 2011

So you know those Kindle gadgets? Tony’s been talking about getting one for a while. He’s an English professor, so he’s usually got a stack of about 10 books on his bedside table that he’s actively reading. Many of the books he reads are classics that have now entered public domain, which means they’re available […]

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$20 Amazon gift card for $10

by Karen on January 19, 2011

You’ve probably already seen this, but I just wanted to pass it along just in case. Right now, you can get a $20 Amazon gift card for just $10 on the deal site Living Social. It’s available in all markets, and if three of you use my referral link, mine is free. :) Don’t forget […]

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Save instead of spending this Black Friday

by Karen on November 27, 2009

Open an ING checking account today, and you’ll get a $121 bonus! If you’ve been thinking about trying this great online bank, now is the best time. I’ve written before about just how happy I am using ING as my primary bank. They offer some of the best interest rates out there, and the customer […]

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I personally use Netflix, but this deal is almost too good to pass up. Today first-time users can enroll in a six-week trial of Blockbuster by Mail ($26 value) for free! Just go to, sign up for an account, and use the promo code groupon. Pay attention to the expiration date, though! If you […]

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Things to consider when making a big purchase

by Karen on August 26, 2009

Last weekend, I made a huge purchase. I bought a camera that cost almost a whole paycheck. Yikes. We’ve been thinking about it and saving for months. I planned to wait until we saved enough, but I realized that I could buy it now with the money I’ve earned from this here blog (thanks for […]

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Wow, did I get a great deal on new clothes

by Karen on March 15, 2009

My shopping trip yesterday was a phenomenal success. I was looking for fashionable, versatile clothing that would be professional enough for an upcoming business trip and comfortable enough to wear in my pretty casual office. I shopped with a friend, and we went to Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. Before the trip, I decided […]

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I agreed to let my optometrist write my prescription for newer lenses instead of the older ones I’ve been using. I like that the new ones are monthly instead of bi-weekly lenses. I also found they were more comfortable than my old lenses, and the office assured me that they would end up costing roughly […]

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Be wary of liquidation sales

by Karen on January 18, 2009

I came across this video, and I couldn’t resist posting it. Just as I suspected, liquidation prices aren’t necessarily the best deals. No matter where you’re purchasing an item, make sure you’ve done your homework to ensure you’re getting the lowest possible price. In the end, the supposed “percentage off” is less important than the […]

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The second most frugal way to buy contacts

by Karen on January 13, 2009

The best way to save money on contacts is to wear glasses instead. You can get a great deal at online discount stores like Zenni Optical, and a good pair of glasses will long outlast your supply of contact lenses. I’ve had the same pair of glasses for two years, and they’re still in great […]

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