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Frugal date nights for around $10

by Karen on June 2, 2009

Photo by justonlysteve Now that we’re living on a cash only budget for all of our discretionary expenses, one of the areas we’re really cutting down is entertainment. We still want a little fun money, but we’re limiting our entertainment expenses to about $10 per week. I’ve been brainstorming some things we can do for […]

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This weekend, my parents are coming to visit. I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and I can’t wait. Last weekend my mom celebrated her birthday. And of course, this weekend we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with her. We really want to do something special for her, so we started brainstorming super luxurious meals we could cook. […]

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Every afternoon around 4 pm, I start craving something sweet. There are always treats hanging around my office, but none that I want to eat since I’ve been trying to lose weight. At the grocery store over the weekend, I decided it might be nice to bring sugar-free Jello snack packs. They’re sweet, and at […]

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photo by katiescrapbooklady We love renting movies from Redbox. For only a dollar a night (often free with Redbox promo codes) we can rent recent releases. For older titles, we rent from the library. Tony’s university library has a wide array of art films, mainstream titles, and TV series. They’re also pretty good about adding […]

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Healthy frugal meals for work

by Karen on March 4, 2009

Since I’m still working on losing a few pounds I’ve gained since I started by desk job, work lunches are an obstacle for me. Most of the people in my office go out for lunch every day. Since I’m frugal, I obviously bring my lunch. I often bring leftovers from the night before. Many of […]

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We’re back home now after a wonderful weekend in Washington D.C. A little getaway was exactly what we needed. We left our laptops at home and spent the weekend just enjoying each other’s company. With two visits from family and friends and a business trip coming up this month, we really needed some time away. […]

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Frugal extras that bring me joy

by Karen on January 20, 2009

Between the economy, the freezing temperatures throughout the country, and the post-holiday blues, everyone can use a pick-me-up right now. I know I can. In the past, I often used money as a method of cheering myself up. If I was feeling down, I’d spend. But that only led to guilt and more depression when […]

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Shave your grooming budget with a safety razor

by Karen on December 11, 2008

This is a guest post from my wonderful husband, Tony. You can read more from him at his movie review blog, Screen Savour. But first read about his experiences with an old-fashioned safety razor. When we began to live the frugal lifestyle, I started looking for a way to become a frugal shaver. Shaving is […]

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Christmas presents, not status symbols

by Karen on December 2, 2008

Over the weekend, Tony and I were picking up a gift card as a Christmas gift for his grandparents. A month ago when we worked out our Christmas budget, we agreed upon an amount that we could afford. But as we stood in line I found myself second guessing our decision. “Do you think this […]

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