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Post image for Itching to move? Try this first

Itching to move? Try this first

by Karen on March 28, 2012

Tony and I are spending spring break painting, reorganizing, and assembling IKEA furniture (yikes!). I can’t wait to share our progress with you. In the meantime, I’m sharing a post from the archives that was originally published in July 2009. If you’re feeling the itch to move, try these tips to make your old place […]

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Assembling a home from scratch

by Karen on July 21, 2010

Last weekend, Tony and I finally moved into an apartment in the city where he’ll be teaching this fall (and hopefully spring). We were very lucky to have lots of help from both of our families. We’ve only been married for a little over two years now, but in that time we’ve built a frugal […]

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Preparing to move again

by Karen on July 12, 2010

We spent Thursday and Friday scouting out apartments in the Fort Wayne area. After a lot of frustration and stress, we found a place! It’s in a small town outside Fort Wayne. Two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, washer/dryer hookups, and a reasonable pet policy. And the rent is almost half what we budgeted! Our application […]

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Post image for Apartment hunting simplified

Apartment hunting simplified

by Karen on July 7, 2010

There is nothing I hate more than the instability of moving, and I especially hate the long, arduous process of finding a new place to live. I’m not usually a procrastinator when it comes to this sort of thing. But we’d just moved, spent two weeks in Europe, and I was struggling with morning sickness […]

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A few weeks ago, I wrote briefly about how Tony accepted an adjunct teaching position at a small college near Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the time, the position was only offering two courses. They’ve since offered him another class, which means a tiny bit more money, but the pay is still unbearably low with no […]

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Business as usual

by Karen on May 31, 2010

We’ve been back since last Wednesday, but I’ve been dragging my feet about getting back to my routine. Vacation was wonderful, of course, but exhausting. I spent a lot of time looking for a place to sit down as we toured the cities. But my goal was to let my pregnancy interfere with our plans […]

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We made it! We’re here! I’m beat.

by Karen on May 4, 2010

After a long week and an even longer weekend, we have arrived in Indiana. The truck is unloaded, but nothing is unpacked. I’m resting today and trying to get us situated. Tony took a road trip about 3 hours away to interview for a teaching job. Think good thoughts for him today! I’m going to […]

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Post image for On our way home

On our way home

by Karen on April 26, 2010

After months of planning and counting down, it’s finally time for us to head home. We’ll be hitting the road to head back to Indiana this Saturday. We’ve only just begun to pack up, which means I’ll likely be too busy to post much this week. Unfortunately, I’m also quite ill, which is making packing […]

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For the past few days, this line from “All You Need is Love” has been my mantra. No matter how prepared you feel for each of life’s milestones, sometimes it can feel like you’re just not ready. I’ve known about what’s coming up in the next couple months for almost a year. I’ve planned for […]

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