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On accepting my own limitations

by Karen on February 15, 2010

Lately, I’d give anything for an extra 12 hours in the day. Between full-time work, daily blogging, my book project, exercise, household chores, and spending time with my husband, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Add to that our travel plans and moving preparations, and I’m completely overwhelmed. Then there […]

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Tomorrow, an oral surgeon will be ripping my wisdom teeth from my skull. I’ve been putting this off for over five years, and my fear of surgery is now bordering on pathological. I know I’m being a wuss, but I’ve never had any kind of surgery. I’ve never been sedated in my life. And since […]

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I’m spending Halloween at home!

by Karen on October 29, 2009

This weekend all of my sisters will be in the same state together for the first time since May 2007, and for the first time ever since my youngest niece and nephew were born. Tony and I are flying to Indiana tonight, and my sister and her family will be there from Seattle, too. I […]

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Even though Tony and I live 10 minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast, we’re just not really into the beach. I don’t like to be wet, Tony doesn’t like to be hot, and we’re both too paranoid and neurotic to allow ourselves to get sun tans. But I just found these […]

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Searching for a place called home

by Karen on August 20, 2009

This month marks the two-year anniversary of our move to North Carolina. We’ve managed to thrive in our relationship and in our finances, but our social life is still at a standstill. We haven’t made many friends, and we really just don’t feel like we fit here. Being home last week only made that clearer […]

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Winding down from a wonderful vacation

by Karen on August 18, 2009

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We’re home after a marathon 10-day trip to Indiana to see family and friends. Ten days, three cities, 2,000 miles, babies, puppies, family … we’re absolutely exhausted. Above: Howie and Abby, my sister-in-law’s beagle puppy, take a brief break from their constant wrestling. As we drove home, I found myself dreading the budget breakdown that […]

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Headed home to Indiana!

by Karen on August 7, 2009

We’re hitting the road today, and we’ll be back home with family by sunset. :) I have some posts scheduled for next week, and I’ll be checking my email and moderating comments regularly, so you shouldn’t even notice I’m gone. But I will be spending the week relaxing, snuggling my nieces and nephews, and seeing […]

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A year of the frugal life

by Karen on August 3, 2009

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I started Living Well on Less! So much has happened in the past year, and yet it feels like it’s flown by. Looking back on my initial goals when I started this blog, I’m thrilled to see that we’ve already accomplished two out of three of our […]

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I apologize for my sparse posting for the past week. It’s been a strange week. After a lovely weekend with my parents, I took a day off Monday (more on that later). I spent the rest of the week feeling like I was catching up. Isn’t it always that way after entertaining visitors or traveling […]

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